Diggs Doesn't Want You To Throw Away Your Shot

There are tons and tons of celebrity videos encouraging you to vote. Almost all of them feature huge groups of celebrities soberly addressing the camera, warning viewers about the risks posed by a Donald Trump presidency. Some, like the "Holy Sh*t, You've Got to Vote" video created by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom, are worth watching purely for entertainment value. But if you're only going to watch one celebrity election video (a strategy I recommend, since they all tend to blur together after a while), you should definitely check out "Clinton vs. Trump," starring Hamilton 's Daveed Diggs, who actually compares Clinton and Trump on the issues.

I know — in this election, it's easy to forget there even are issues, considering that the bulk of our election discourse has been consumed with pseudo-scandals and real ones. But no matter how ridiculous our election becomes, the planet is still getting warmer, African-Americans still receive discriminatory treatment in our law enforcement system, and states across the country continue to pass legislation that makes it increasingly difficult for women to access safe reproductive health services. These issues need to be discussed, too, and thankfully, Diggs gets that.

Like many celebrity videos, Diggs makes it clear who he supports (and as with many of those videos, it's the Democrat), but what's unique about this one is how detailed he is when explaining why.

Diggs quotes from both candidates' websites and from statements they have made in interviews and at rallies. On climate change, for example, he explains that Trump would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency and turn back on the Paris climate accords, while Clinton would increase solar power usage and funding for energy-related scientific research.

Diggs is the most recent Hamilton star to express his support for Clinton, but he's far from the first. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Renee Elise Goldsberry performed a Clinton-themed version of "Ten Duel Commandments" last month at a Clinton fundraiser; Miranda has been a staunch Clinton supporter for months.

The Hamilton cast's love for Clinton and her policies makes sense, given the major themes of the musical. After all, it's hard to imagine how creators of a show featuring lines like "Immigrants! We get the job done!" and "include women in the sequel!" would support Trump's immigration proposals or some of his comments about women.

Ultimately, the reason so many celebrities are speaking out about this election is the same reason you should: because it's one of the most important in our lifetime. Not merely because one of the candidates has said some mean and hurtful things, but because he advocates for bad policies. For better or worse, the world as we know it will change on Nov. 8, so vote, because, to borrow again from Hamilton, history has its eyes on you.