Sofia Richie’s New Tattoos Are In Unexpected Spots

In case you didn't already know, Sofia Richie's ink game has always been strong — she has lots and lots of dainty body art, including a tiny cross on her index finger to match former flame Justin Bieber — but she's taken it to a whole other level with her newest tattoos that are both in totally unexpected places.

On Thursday night, Richie's go-to tattoo artist Jonathan "JonBoy" Valena took to his personal Instagram to debut his latest work. The model now has the word "C L A R I T Y" in small black letters dotting the left side of her neck, and her brother's initials, MBR, on the side of her thumb. Both tattoos are in line with Richie's ink aesthetic: minimalist and with some sort of a deeper meaning. In addition to the cross and these two new additions, she also has a bible verse on the back of her neck and the word "Richie" in cursive behind her ear.

Before getting tatted up for the first time, Richie took to her Snapchat to tell her followers how scared she was to go under the needle. Now, though, it seems like she's an old pro. She is basically a walking inspiration board of hidden tattoos, and is the perfect muse for anyone looking to try out some understated ink.

Thumb ink is practically invisible unless someone's looking for it, especially if you move your hands a lot if you talk. Plus, there are always stackable thumb rings.

Richie's neck tattoo looks like a cool mirror image of her constellation piercing, and it's completely understandable why she would want to show off her new masterpiece.

If she wanted, to, though, she could easily cover it by wearing her hair down. Versatile tattoos, FTW.

Images: Getty Images; Jonboytattoo/Instagram