Why You Shouldn't Watch Netflix While Exercising

Back in the day — and by "the day," I mean 2009 when I could use my university's recreation center for free — we would listen to music on our iPods while working out. Now, you can watch entire seasons of television shows while burning calories, thanks to Netflix. Though this seems like a huge technological advancement for any gym-goer, there may be one teeny, tiny downside. According to Scope, Stanford University School of Medicine's blog, looking down at your smartphone while working out can be detrimental to your health.

Dr. Michael Frederickson, a professor of sports medicine at Stanford University, says running while in the staring-down-at-your-iPhone position is bad for your skeletal alignment. He explains for the San Francisco Chronicle that "When you lean forward, you create an arch and hyperextension in your neck," and that it can result in a "stiff upper body" post-workout. Ouch.

Frederickson also mentions that watching your smartphone while running can keep you from "focusing on your body." This makes more sense when you apply it to a Breaking Bad-fueled workout — Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, maybe not so much. Either way, this sucks!

However, there is good news: Frederickson did say it's still OK to listen to music while you run. Not saying you have to endure Bad Romance remixes or anything (oh, 2009), but perhaps trading an episode of House of Cards for a great dance/workout playlist would be something to consider.