WikiLeaks Is Now Just Posting Reddit Links

The world’s most notorious leaking group tweeted out a conspiracy theory on Nov. 4 from a pro-Donald Trump Reddit forum alleging that the Clintons are somehow tied to a child abduction in Haiti (which is just not true). That’s right: Despite its claim to “open governments” and blow the lid off wrongdoing at the highest levels, WikiLeaks is now posting screenshots from Reddit threads. Because, presumably, that’s all they’ve got — and they're grasping for anything to try to stay relevant.

The conspiracy theory itself is unsubstantiated and riddled with factual errors. Reddit user “PleadingTheYiff” asserts that Hillary Clinton played a nefarious role in a 2010 incident wherein the Haitian government detained members of an American missionary group for attempting to resettle displaced Haitian children in the United States without proper authorization. The missionaries were accused of “kidnapping” the 33 Haitians, but all were eventually released.

PleadingTheYiff claims, first of all, that it really was a kidnapping plot, and second of all, that Clinton was the mastermind behind it. “Evidence” cited is thin: The Reddit user says that Huma Abedin emailed Clinton about a different non-government organization run by Laura Silsby, the woman in charge of the missionary group. PleadingTheYiff also claims that that “one of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get [Silsby] off the hook,” but this is factually incorrect. Silsby wasn’t let “off the hook,” but rather imprisoned by a Haitian court, found guilty, and then later released by the court.

In any event, the fact that WikiLeaks has put its name on nonsense like this and proclaimed that it’s “significant” shows how far the leaking group has fallen from its glory days, and more pertinently, how little actual dirt it has on Clinton. It’s abundantly obvious to anybody with a functioning brain that the group is attempting to get Donald Trump elected to the presidency. The group has been dropping Clinton documents for months but has released nary a single leak related to Trump, despite claiming to possess Trump-related documents. One of Trump’s longtime advisers even admitted that he has back-channel communications with WikiLeaks. But so far, all it’s been able to produce is some boring emails from John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee.

After promising bombshells and coming up dry, WikiLeaks is now just scouring pro-Trump Internet forums for anything remotely damning about Clinton — even things that are wildly untrue. It’s an embarrassing move for a group that used to do genuinely admirable work. WikiLeaks? More like WikiLame.