What Drink Orders Do Bartenders Hate? The Answers Aren't What You'd Expect, According To Reddit

If you frequent the AskReddit subreddit like I do (what can I say, I have a lot of free time), you notice the same questions keep popping up over and over. "Reddit, what seems legit but is actually a scam?" "What was your 'I dodged a bullet' moment?" My personal favorite is "Bartenders of Reddit, what drink order do bartenders hate?" I told you, I really spend a lot of time on this site. Not only do the same questions cycle through, the answers tend to be a little predictable as well. I figured I'd see the same old answers: mojitos, because muddling the mint takes too much effort; cosmopolitans or anything fruity, because they're "girly" (whatever that is supposed to mean); people who just say "surprise me" because that's not the bartender's job. In fact, I have written about this same exact type of "what drinks do bartenders hate making" thread before. So why am I doing it again? Do I have a bad memory? Do I just like repeating myself? Am I just totally lacking inspiration?

The answer to all those questions is no. This time, the answers were way different than what I had come to expect. I don't want to spoil it, so I'll just dive right into my favorite responses.

1. It Doesn't Matter

Oh my god I love this person. I need to find out what bar they work at so I can become a regular there and be their best friend.

2. Still Doesn't Matter

Here we go, another bartender who actually enjoys bartending. This is refreshing.

3. It's Not What You Say — It's How You Say It

Spoiler alert: This is basically the theme of most of the responses. As long as you're polite and tip, most bartenders don't care what you order.

4. Basically, Just Don't Be A Jerk

Ew, I would hate this too.

5. Do People Actually Do This?

Okay not going to lie, this response kind of makes me want to name a drink after myself, but I would never assume someone at a random bar would know how to make a Just Mess Me Up, Fam (that would be my signature drink, obviously).

6. No But Seriously, The Bartender Doesn't Care What Your Drink Of Choice Is

Just don't be rude. It's not hard.

7. However, There Are Some Drinks That May Earn You A Little Side-Eye

As a person who hates gin, this drink choice would truly baffle me.

8. And This One Is Truly Horrifying

What... just ... why? Why would anyone put themselves through this torture? Also, I really want to know how that guy's night turned out.

9. Just Make Sure You Tip Appropriately

This seems fair.

10. Because At The End Of The Day, Your Bartenders Are There For You

While actually self-medicating with alcohol is probably not a good idea, I enjoyed this metaphor. And come on, that grenadine story was funny.

Image: Taylor Davidson / Unsplash