7 Holiday Sets To Shop At Ulta Beauty Now

The holiday shopping experience may have just gotten a whole lot easier. If you’ve got beauty lovers on your list, then you can consider Ulta Beauty your on-stop-shop. There are multiple kits available as well as buy two, get two promos, so not only will you be able to buy gifts for all of your gal pals, you’ll also save a few dollars in the process. Check out seven of the best sets and deals to shop at Ulta Beauty just in time for the holidays.

You’ll find everything from brush sets to nail polish kits when you shop in stores or online at Ulta. The most expensive set is just $20. So, you’ve seriously got to start buying these items immediately. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting some Christmas gifts bought and wrapped well before Dec. 25, you know? Hey, for these prices, you can probably buy yourself a present or two while you’re at it!

These deals will have you feeling a little more jolly in no time, and that’s perfect because no one likes a grumpy Santa. Whether you’re buying Vanilla Tinsel scented shower gel or a lipstick kit, Ulta’s got everything you could possibly need to complete your winter beauty routine.

Ulta Beauty's here to make the season bright! And boy, are they good at it!

This is what the holidays are all about.

1. Lip Liner Love

Lip Liner Love Kit, $14, Ulta Beauty

Not only can you score five lip liners, but when you shop two of these, you'll get two free. It just doesn't get better than that!

2. 12 Days Of Beauty

12 Days of Beauty, $18, Ulta Beauty

Now, this is my idea of an advent calendar. Plus, with this gift, Christmas comes a little early, 12 days to be exact!

3. Lip Glossary

Lip Glossary, $16, Ulta Beauty

This kit comes with 15 mini lip glosses. It contains everything from bright purple to nude shades, so there's something everyone will love.

4. Lip Service

Lip Service, $12, Ulta Beauty

Give the gift of soft lips this season when you shop this $12 kit. It has a lip scrub, lip balm and an overnight treatment mask, so there's no way winter could take a toll on your pout with these in your possession.

5. Complexion Perfection

Complexion Perfection Set, $14, Ulta Beauty

Two blending sponges and a setting spray are crucial tools in a beauty routine. Don't let the folks on your list go without them!

6. Matchmaker Kit

Matchmaker Kit, $16, Ulta Beauty

Lips and nails will be perfectly lacquered this season with these matching polishes and glosses.

7. Make Today Pretty Collection

Make Today Pretty 72 Piece Collection, $20, Ulta Beauty

The fact that you could get 72 items including everything from eyeshadows to brow wax for only $19.99 is pretty incredible. This is one item that you don't want to miss out on. I mean, it even comes in a convenient case. Talk about Christmas magic!

Start filling stocking when you shop these discounts at Ulta now!

Images: ultabeauty/Instagram (1); Courtesy Ulta Beauty (7)