Hailey Baldwin's Hot Pink Hair Has Fans Voicing Their Support For The New Look — PHOTO

Kylie Jenner made it clear that the whole rose gold trend was real. When she changed her natural color to this pinkish hue, everyone was totally on board with the idea of wearing the color in their tresses, too. Well, now one of Jenner’s besties has decided to give her take on the popular look, too. Hailey Baldwin dyed her hair pink, and it couldn’t look more amazing.

I’m all about the dusty rose hue she’s added to her locks. It’s a bold move and one that couldn’t be more perfect for the season. And people online are into Baldwin’s new ‘do, too. So many fans are tweeting about this bright dye job giving them life, and I can’t say I blame them one bit.

It’s pretty surprising to see Baldwin go this dramatic with her hair. She’s typically rocking a dirty blonde color, but man is this a pleasant surprise. Seriously, this girl should consider making this rose-y shade more of a full-time thing. I mean, if you’re talented enough to pull off pink strands, you might as well take advantage of it, right? Check out her new hairdo and see if you don’t fall absolutely in love with it too. Go on, try to hate it. I dare you!

Does she look incredible or does she look incredible?

Baldwin seems to be on set for a project, so it's possible that she switched things up for work. But, I do hope that it stays this way for a while.

*Insert heart eye emoji here*

This light pink shade is just so good.

New morning, new amazing hair. NBD.


You could say this look is worthy of being worshipped.

It suits her, indeed.

Don't ever change!

She's a barbie girl, in her barbie world.

And our world is better for it.

Images: haileybisboring/Snapchat (4)