Benedict Cumberbatch's 'SNL' Monologue Song Is A Catchy Intro For The Star — VIDEO

The time has finally come: Benedict Cumberbatch can add being a Saturday Night Live host to his already long and accomplished resume. The Marvel's Doctor Strange superstar hosted the Nov. 5 episode of the NBC variety series and he opened his first time on the show with a catchy introduction song. Benedict Cumberbatch's SNL monologue song showed the actor has a sense of humor about himself — and used the opportunity to introduce himself to a wider audience. Joined by back-up singers that included Leslie Jones, Cumberbatch engaged in what he called the America art of "bragging" while set to music.

When the British actor took the stage, he told the audience he was happy to be there during the "last week of america as we know it." Cumberbatch also gave viewers his advice for Election day: "I tell you what we Brits do when the going gets tough and the world is crashing down around us — we drink. We drink so much." After that, he decided to introduce himself to viewers to song as an Oscar nominee and CBE, which he described as "it's sort of like being a knight but lower." Jones, though, was the most impressed with him and called herself a "Cumberb*tch." Cumberbatch did not approve of the use of that fandom name — and admitted to being a "little unsettled" by some fan fiction.

Even so, Jones sung about how proud she was about her fanfic, titled "Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Underwear." The tune moves onto describe Cumberbatch's roles, which he sums up in one line: "Every role I play is some kind of genius." Kate McKinnon makes a cameo as Tilda Swinton and sings along with a high-pitched squeak. The tune kicked off a fun episode that also included an appearance by three members of the Chicago Cubs World Series championship team.

But not matter what, Cumberbatch seems game for anything on SNL.

Watch some of the song in the video below.