'SNL' Answers "Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?"

There seems to to be two different kinds of people: those who are enamored with actor Benedict Cumberbatch and the other folks who just don't get it. Saturday Night Live cast member Beck Bennett declared himself to be in the latter category in an awkwardly funny game show sketch centered around one question. The "Why is Benedict Cumberbatch hot?" SNL sketch challenged cast members Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant — as well as the actor himself — to put the sex appeal of the Marvel's Doctor Strange star into words. The verdict: it's a hard job and only Cumberbatch himself can do it.

At the start of the sketch, Bennett seems to have gathered Cumberbatch, Bryant, and Bayer for a mysterious reason on a game show set. Bennett then reveals the title of the game show: "Why is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?" — a title which naturally makes Cumberbatch himself feel a bit awkward. When faced with the question, Bayer tells Bennett that "it's not his face, per se," and then she stammers about his attractive body. Next, Bryant asks, "Does my answer have to be in English? It's best described in a series of noises." Bennett, though, cannot believe what he's hearing, asking everyone, "Are we looking at the same dude?"

And of course, the question is finally posed to Cumberbatch himself. He tells Bennett, "I don't know either. I sort of think I look like hammerhead shark or Sid the Sloth from Ice Age." Bennett also breaks out a round in which he compares photos of Cumberbatch to photos of himself. Cumberbatch tells Bennett he looks hotter in one of the photos, and endearingly and sincerely confronts him about the mean-spiritedness of the sketch. "You were funny and super charming, until this sketch," Cumberbatch says to him. "But I've enjoyed hanging out with you this week and I hope we can do it again."

And that's what does it. Bennett swoons and blushes over the comment, finally understanding the appeal of the Cumberbatch.

Watch the moment in the video below.