When Will Zoella Beauty At Target Be Available? The Adorable Products Can Come Home With You Now

Fans of YouTube influencer Zoe Sugg, rejoice: The UK-based Zoella Beauty and Target collaborated to bring the beauty vlogger's favorite body products to shelves in the US. It's exciting news, but when will Zoella Beauty at Target be available? After all, there's only so much patience a beauty lover can have when it comes to pampering their skin.

As it turns out, the collection is available now. According to Refinery29, the body and bath products debuted at Target Nov. 6, allowing American fans everywhere to shop their favorite products IRL. While products have been available in Europe (and in some AE stores) prior to this launch, we can now skip the shipping charges and wait time that comes with online carts and get it instead straight from Target's shelves.

So what can you expect from this beauty collection? A whole lot of cuteness, for one. "Not surprisingly, these affordable bath and body products are dreamy," Refinery 29 reported. "To wit: There's a fizzy bubble-bath bar meant to suds up your soak and a soap-on-a-stick body cleanser that resembles a summertime popsicle. But there's so much more: Every single thing in this line looks indulgent — and so damn cute."

Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream, $9.95; Soap Pop Fragranced Soap on a Stick, $6.50; Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer, $4.50; Scooper Dooper Bubble Bath, $11; Available Nov. 6 at select Target stores.

From solid scents in heart shaped boxes to fizzy bath bombs in the shape of chocolate bars, this collection is all about the luxurious and girly. Wrapped up in pastel labels that look like they used the handwriting from our folded up notes in fourth grade class, they'll be the perfect addition to your shower caddy or bath time arsenal. There's no way you'll be able to feel stressed while trying out the products, which was exactly creator Zoe Sugg's intention.

"According to reps at the brand, she wanted to create a line that would help alleviate her — and others' — anxieties. In other words, if it's serenity you're after, these might be just what you were looking for," Refinery29 reported.

As per usual, we have found peace at the shelves of Target — no go forth and snag some Zoella goodies for yourself.

Images: Zoella Beauty (5)