11 Beauty Services Designed For WOC

by Tiffany Dodson

Whether it's finding the right foundation shade or avoiding paying more at the salon because our hair is natural, it goes without saying that there's a definite need for beauty services for women of color. When it comes to finding products and services that work for us, the struggle is definitely real.

Luckily, part of the benefit of living in the 21st century (aside from advances in medicine, skincare, and Netflix and chill) is technology — and that goes for the beauty industry, too. Beauty apps and on-demand services are totally a thing, and more importantly, there are many apps that were created specifically for women of color. In addition to apps, there are also subscription boxes that allow WOC to try curated products without investing a ton of money, the perfect way to keep up with new beauty trends while figuring out which products actually work for you.

If you're a girl on the go looking for new beauty products and services on your own terms, or simply just new in town and unsure of where to plant your roots, an app or subscription box is a good place to start. Read on for a few of my favorites that will leave you looking totally amazing in less time than it takes you to download the app from the store in the first place.

1. Cocotique

Not only does the Cocotique box offer top of the line beauty goodies each month, but it also has a reward system. Earn 5 - 55 points after subscribing, 10 points for each product review written, 25 points for filling out the monthly survey and 50 points for referring a friend to the service.

Price: $20/month for monthly plan; $58 for three-month plan; $112 for six-month plan; $220 for 12-month plan; shipping is free.

2. Essence Beauty Box

Who better to trust with beauty concerning WOC than Essence? This magazine for black women in particular has been around for decades, which is why I completely trust their opinion when it comes to beauty maintenance.

Price: $15/month for monthly plan; $75 for six-month plan; $150 for 12-month plan; shipping included.

3. Hair Journal

One of the most exciting times in the journey of natural hair is watching the process of it's growth. The Hair Journal app is the perfect companion to your hair progression. After setting up a profile complete with descriptions of hair goal, type, and style, you can also write notes in the app's "Diary" section, as well as record measurements of hair length.

Price: Free; $0.99 for Pro e-commerce version.

4. Styleseat

Looking for a new hairstylist, manicurist, or something else? The StyleSeat app is clutch for locating professionals in your area. You can even book certain services directly through the app itself.

Price: Free

5. DevaCurl

Although it isn't specifically for women of color, and it's not exactly an app or subscription box, DevaCurl is a cult classic among curly haired women that is sure to provide you with all the tools you need for bouncy, beautiful strands. Check out their website for curl specific salons and products, or a stylist armed with the know how to keep your hair on fleek.

Price: Dependent on service provided

6. Myavana

Myavana helps to awaken the scientist in all of us, especially when it comes to figuring out what makes our hair tick. This service offers a scientific analysis of your hair to create a regimen unique to your specific hair care plan.

Price: $30/month for three-month plan; $27/month for six-month plan; $25/month for 12-month plan; $275 for a yearlong membership; $55 for a Healthy Hair Consultation; $75 for a Microscopic Hair Strand Analysis.

7. Plum Perfect

If you're a fan of Sephora's makeup matching technology, you'll love Plum Perfect. After submitting an unretouched selfie, the app will analyze your face and recommend beauty products that suit you best.

Price: Free

8. My Curls Understood

This subscription box is perfect for helping curly haired WOC understand their structure of their curls. After taking an in-depth one minute questionnaire, the service will send you products to try each month specifically curated for your hair needs.

Price: $26.99/month; shipping is free.

9. We Are Onyx

This service from We Are Onyx is like a hairstylist and best friend wrapped in one. Not only does the subscription send awesome products specifically for WOC, but also offers a literal library of tips from black beauty vloggers.

Price: $25/month; shipping included

10. Hairspiration

Love Pinterest? The Hairspiration app follows all the basic principles of the popular app, but is targeted toward giving WOC hair style ideas. Now, next time you get your hair done, you won't have to sift through that huge hair book (you know the one, right?) for hours on end.

Price: Free

11. Curlbox

Curlbox is one of the "OG's" of the beauty subscription world when it comes to getting a woman of color's hair tight and right.

Price: $20/month; shipping is $5

With these apps and services in tow, there's no doubt you will the subject of major hair envy — and inspiration.

Images: Bustle