Bill Murray's Fashion Tips Include Wearing Pabst Blue Ribbon Pants

To state the obvious: Bill Murray is a national treasure. His force is so powerful, there should be statues erected in his honor across this very nation. He is, for all intents and purposes an icon. And now The Grand Budapest Hotel star can add "fashion icon" to that unending list of impressive credits, because... BOY CAN DRESS FOR A GOLF GAME, Y'ALL. Just look at his stunning sartorial choice from his recent trip to Jacksonville, Florida, where the fashionisto debut some seriously stylin' (and profilin') pair of Pabst Blue Ribbon-themed shorts. The champagne of beers meets the champagne of pants (or something).

Hanging around the holes at the River Bend Golf Links for a Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation event, Murray's patterned pants quickly became the star of the show — proving golfers can have just as much fun with their wares as the models. Because of course Bill Murray has delightful, beer can golf pants. Of course he does. He's Bill Fuckin' Murray, y'all, and ain't no pair of regular-ass golf pants are going to do. That's just not how this works. A funny man deserves equally as funny pants that are surely worthy of some sort of golf-related jokey wordplay that I am not nearly golf-savvy enough to come up with (Scoring a hole-in-one just feels too obvious — and no one, least of all Bill Murray, deserves that).

For the latest and greatest of Murray's fashion tips, watch the video below (skip to the 2:53 mark).