Ryan Gosling Pumped Gas at a Los Angeles Gas Station & We Missed It!

Huge news: Wednesday afternoon, Ryan Gosling pumped gas at a Los Angeles gas station. There are pictures. He looks as great as you’d imagine Gosling would look pumping gas. When I initially saw the photos, I was like, “Always down to look at hot pics of RyGos pumping gas. Thanks, the Internet!” and left it at that. But approximately seven minutes later, something dawned on me: I PUMPED GAS AT AN L.A. GAS STATION ON WEDNESDAY, TOO. AHHHHH. But sadly, he and I were not at the same gas station at the same time. I did not see RyGos pump gas. CURSES.

Thanks to the vastness of L.A. (hey, did you know it's a big city? Has anyone ever said that before?), the sheer number of gas stations in the city (hey, did you know that people do a lot of driving here? Has anyone ever said that before?), and timing, the odds were stacked against me. Too many variables. Too many possibilities. A one in a googolplex chance of being at the same gas station as RyGos at the same time as RyGos.

In a few of the pics, a 76 sticker is visible on the pump stand. Oh, SHOOT. I was at a 76, too. Do you know what this means? The chance of a RyGos sighting (nothing more than a sighting. I would not try to talk to him. Too nervous/respectful for that) just got a little less slim. What if he went to the 76 station I was at just moments after I left?!?! We could've been like two ships passing in the night. AHHHHHHHHHHH.

The 5 Stages of Finding out Ryan Gosling Was at an L.A. Gas Station the Very Same Day You Were at an L.A. Gas Station:

1. You crush whatever you’re holding.

2. You locate the nearest table and flip it with all your might.

3. You scream.

4. You turn into an inconsolable convulsing heap of tears.

5. You remember that you will have to pump gas again, as will RyGos. You could still run into him at a gas station one day. The chance is not lost entirely. There's a glimmer of hope. You feel better.