25 Genius Gifts For Music Lovers & Musicians That They Actually Want

Every single year, my shopping list for holidays and people’s birthdays is absolutely loaded with genius gifts for music lovers. Picture that scene from My Cousin Vinny where Marisa Tomei is talking about her family of car experts, and replace every instance of “mechanic” with “musician.” It'd sound like, “My father was a musician. His father was a musician. My mother's father was a musician. My three brothers are musicians; four uncles on my father's side are musicians… ” This is my life.

Consequently, I can be the first to tell you that when you’re looking for gifts for the musician or no-fail ideas for people who love music, a little bit of research is in order. If your friends and loved ones are anything like mine, they’ve already got the best amps, recording software, instruments, and speakers around — not to mention tickets for great concerts and monthly subscriptions to Spotify. Nothing generic is going to cut it here. In order to give them something that they don’t already have and will genuinely love, these musical gifts have to be innovative, creative, and original. Check out these ideas that make any music lover’s life just a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

1. Stop Ear Damage At Concerts Without Muting The Sound

Vibes High-Fidelity Earplugs , $24, Amazon

These Vibes high-fidelity earplugs have been specifically designed to filter acoustics to stop ear damage without stifling the sound, so you can enjoy your concert in comfort.

2. Voice Control For All Your Music And Devices

Amazon Echo Dot , $50, Amazon

For hands-free control of your music and Bluetooth speakers (as well as other things like the weather, lights, and to-do list) the Amazon Echo Dot is any techie’s first step to a smart home.

3. Make An Old Fashioned Mixtape With A USB

Cassette USB Flash Drive , $19, Amazon

Fill this adorable cassette USB flash drive with your favorite tunes and give it to the love of your life for a good old-fashioned mixtape without the hassle of finding a cassette player.

4. Sing In The Shower With A Back-Up Chorus

Elivebuy Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, $11, Amazon

Singing in the shower takes on a whole other level when there is a speaker outfitted with a backup chorus in mind. Sync this little rubber gizmo up wth your favorite playlist, then use the suction cup or rubber loop to install.

5. A Futuristic Turntable For More Than Records

Victrola Nostalgic Bluetooth Turntable Suitcase , $60, Amazon

This three speed Victrola nostalgic Bluetooth turntable suitcase plays your whole vinyl collection, but it’s a little more practical than most because of its aux-in and Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

6. Plug In Your Keys And Never Lose Them Again

Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holder , $35, Amazon

This epic Jack Rack guitar amp key holder adds a little functional rock and roll to your house with plug-in guitar cable inputs that ensure you always know where your keys are hanging.

7. Fall Asleep To Your Music In Comfort

Hibermate Sleep Headphones , $35, Amazon

If you need music to sleep, these Hibermate sleep headphones cover your eyes while they deliver clear, adjustable sound through memory foam ear cushions.

8. This Mug Stand Is Actually A Bluetooth Speaker

CTA Digital Bluetooth Speaker Mug , $59, Amazon

Ideal for the person with a cooking playlist, this CTA digital bluetooth speaker mug stand gives you one clear Bluetooth speaker disguised as a mug, as well as a stand and two real porcelain mugs that compliment any kitchen.

9. Stop Headphone Knots In Their Tracks

Zipbuds , $21, Amazon

These durable and crystal clear Zipbuds never tangle due to their innovative zip-up design, and they stay in your ear no matter what.

10. Bring Your Music Everywhere, No Matter The Weather

Rocktech Waterproof Sport Speaker, $37, Amazon

This water-resistant and sandproof gadget plays your music for 12 full hours of satisfaction. There's even a microphone for if you'd like to make handsfree calls on your portable speaker, too.

11. See Who’s Got The Most Expansive Music Repertoire

Encore , $30, Amazon

My family (all musicians) breaks out Encore every holiday because it’s the best game for anyone who loves music. Pick a card, get a word, and sing a song with that word in it to get points for your team.

12. Bring Karaoke Mondays To Your Living Room

Memorex SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System , $80, Amazon

With a microphone, instrument compatibility, a stand to hold your devices, a built-in speaker, and tons of free karaoke downloads, this Memorex SingStand 2 home karaoke system has reviewers raving about awesome parties and hours of solo fun.

13. A Great Pair Of Wireless Headphones

W-Thalia Bluetooth Stereo Headset , $26, Amazon

The W-Thalia bluetooth stereo headset has features you’re not getting anywhere else for this price, like a travel-friendly folding design, color-changing LED lights, noise cancelation, and absolutely zero wires.

14. These Adorable Music Scale Wine Glasses

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses , $65, Uncommon Goods

Adorable and functional, these major scale musical wine glasses show you where exactly to fill up your drink to get any note of the musical scale.

15. Never Purchase Another Pick Again

Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch , $25, Amazon

If you’re a guitar player, you know full well that a pick has a lifespan of a week and a half before it disappears into thin air. This Pick-a-Palooza DIY guitar pick punch has a sturdy stainless steel blade that lets you punch new ones out of the included plastic sheets, credit cards, and old key cards.

16. A Set Of Musical Measuring Spoons

Roosfoos Pewter Americana Measuring Spoons , $60, Amazon

These rustic Roosfoos pewter Americana measuring spoons, crafted from lead-free American pewter, have accurate 1/4, 1/2, one teaspoon and one tablespoon measurements and a stand, so you can display them in your kitchen.

17. Get Clearer, Louder Music Through Your Headphones

FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier , $60, Amazon

Play your music through this innovative FiiO A3 portable headphone amplifier, and experience clarity and balance like you never have before. “If you think the only purpose of headphone amplifier is to make a sound louder, you will be in for a big surprise to discover how much it can shape the sound and contribute to improvements in details, soundstage, etc.,” says one excited reviewer.

18. Add Some Edge To Your Kitchen

Bamboo Guitar Neck Utensil Set , $18, Amazon

Complete with a spoon, a fork, and two spatulas, this 100 percent bamboo guitar neck utensil set is a creative and useful gift for anyone who loves both cooking and guitar.

19. An Awesome Portable Lavalier Microphone

Sony Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone, $16, Amazon

If you do any kind of recording on the go, the Sony Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone is one of the best portable lavalier microphones you can get. It’s super clear, clips onto anything, and rotates any which way.

20. Welcome Your Guests Into Your Musical Household

Personalized Amp Doormat , $35, Uncommon Goods

This personalized amp doormat has awesome reviews because it’s durable, original, and you can put any name on it to suit your favorite musician.

21. For Those Who Are Still Boycotting MP3s

Retro Vintage Wall Rack , $17, Amazon

For the '80s fans out there, this retro vintage wall rack comes with three adorable hooks — a floppy disk, a cassette tape, and a vinyl – so you can tip your cap to the pre-iPod era in style.

22. Keep Classic Rock Alive With These Coasters

Janazala Vintage Vinyl Coasters Set , $15, Amazon

With six different colored coasters in a retro box, this Janazala vintage vinyl coasters set keeps rings off your table and classic rock alive.

23. Set The Mood With Music And Colored Lights

VONGEM LED Speaker Light , $27, Amazon

This awesome VONGEM LED speaker light plays all your music from your phone, and lets you choose from any color you can think of for some adjustable mood lighting.

24. Rock Out With Your Chopping Block Out

Zildjian Cutting Board , $20, Amazon

The Zildjian cutting board lets any drummer feel at home in the kitchen with its durable and hygienic bamboo build and cymbal design.

25. Everything You Need To Learn The Ukulele

Kala Learn To Play Ukulele Starter Kit, $60, Amazon

For the aspiring musician, you’ve got this Kala learn to play ukulele starter kit, which comes with a mahogany instrument, tote bag, free online lessons, and a tuning app.

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