Lauren Graham Loves "Fall" From The 'GG' Revival

Lorelai Gilmore may think snow has magical powers, but, in the Gilmore Girls revival, it's autumn that hold the key to her future. In an interview with TVLine reporter Michael Ausiello, Lauren Graham said "Fall" is her favorite Gilmore Girls revival episode. She chalks this up to Lorelai's storyline in the 90-minute installment, which is all about "growth" and "in an unusual way, [Lorelai] grows." From that it's easy to guess that Lorelai will have some big decisions she needs to make about her life and where she's going next. Graham isn't giving fans much to work with here, but the little hints the actress does give about this episode shouldn't be overlooked.

While Graham says that she can't reveal what exactly happens yet, she promises the "Fall" episode will include something she and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino always talked about Lorelai doing on the show, but never got around to on the first go-round. And, no, it's not riding a horse — though, I'd love to see Lorelai do that. (Or, at least see what she would wear to go do that.) It's assumed that this thing Lorelai's never done before will be surprising, perhaps even uncharacteristically so.

It's time to try and figure out what Lorelai's big moment in the final episode could be, based on what we know so far.

1. She Will Finally Marry Luke

Now, I can't imagine that this is that surprising, but how she gets to this decision may well be. Luke had his "see her face" moment. What if Lorelai has hers? What if it's her mom who shows her that it's time to settle? That would be an unlikely place, but not a farfetched one, since Lorelai may finally understand the love her parents share and want that for herself. As we know, the chuppah lives. Maybe it will even get some use this fall.

2. She Will Break Up With Luke

Making a decision that may surprise us? This would fit the bill. Now, it's clear that Lorelai is in a crossroads in her relationship with Luke. She says so in the show's official trailer: "I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and where I was going, but, lately, I don't know, things seems hazier. We're happy, Luke and I, we're happy." She says this kind of unconvincingly, which means there's much more to this story. There's also the question of who is this woman she's talking to? Is she a therapist or a friend? Is she a stranger who could lead Lorelai to a breakthrough? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

3. She Will Forgive Her Mom

Gilmore Girls has always been a show about mothers and daughters. While most fans were jealous of Lorelai and Rory's bond, Lorelai and Emily's relationship has always been, well, one we wouldn't wish for. With Richard gone, and both Lorelai and Emily taking stock of their lives, it would be fitting for the two to actually get to talk about their problems. Like, really talk about their issues in a way that would actually have them working them out. Who knows? It may end with a hug between these two. Now that would be surprising.

4. She Will Leave Stars Hollow

Throughout the series, Lorelai has never wanted to leave her home in Stars Hollow. She wouldn't get rid of that house when she was with Luke or after she married Chris. Maybe selling the house and going off to explore is what she's meant to do. She could take a page from Rory's Jack Kerouac-like lifestyle and go find herself. It's something she's never really gotten a chance to do since she became a mom at 16. With nothing to lose now, she may be able to travel the world.

It would also point to something Rory says in the final episode of the original series about Lorelai teaching her everything she needs. It would be nice to see Rory pay it forward and help her mom find her direction. And, yes, I know, Sherman-Palladino said Season 7 is null and void in her revival, but this is something the show was always pointing to. Lorelai was Rory's teacher; now Rory could be hers.

5. She Will Climb A Mountain

Yes, I know, this sounds ridiculous. But, in the trailer, there is a shot of Lorelai looking very sporty as she looks out over a beautiful landscape. She's also dressed like she's ready for fall: flannel shirt, beanie, puffy vest. This shot could be part of the realization that Lorelai has about her life. She's never been one to climb a mountain, especially by herself. The shot of Lorelai on this mountain is only a few seconds long, but look close at that face she makes as the camera pulls away. If that's not someone coming to a conclusion, I don't know what is. Look for this mountain to hold some meaning for Lorelai's future.

But what does Lorelai's future hold? We don't know yet, but it's clear that the old Lorelai we knew is changing and becoming someone new — so it makes perfect sense why Lauren Graham would consider an episode in which that happens her favorite.

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