Jean Dujardin Gets Deep About Extramarital Affairs

Jean Dujardin, Oscar winning star of The Artist , art crusader of The Monuments Men , and French Jon Hamm (to me he is always Jean Jambon), has a new, French film on the way. Well, technically it's a series of short films surrounding the same two actors (Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche), playing the main characters in each, all shot by different directors. In fact, Dujardin even directed a portion himself. But the theme of them is simple: these cheating married men are all about having deep and meaningful conversations...about how and why they cheat.

Peeping the hard facts of infidelity, the comedy looks... interesting? Maybe? It's hard to tell from the trailer below, but there's certainly potential for a bit of social commentary on the nature of relationships today. (And who wouldn't want to see a Don Jon -esque take on cheating?) There does seem to be a lot of attempted philosophizing on the nature of dudes and why it's totally not their fault that they're cheaters (Lions! Dogs! The Alphas of the animal kingdom can't keep it in their proverbial pants so why should they, eh? Eh?), but we all know things sometimes sound smarter in a foreign language. Still: it looks as though there's potential for enjoyment if the subject matter's targeted well enough. Decide for yourself: it hits theaters — in a limited release — on April 4th.

Image: The Weinstein Company