Where To Buy Katy Perry's Latest HRC Look

by Rachel Nussbaum

Katy Perry isn't always everyone's cup of tea when it comes to goal-setting style looks — who could forget the Muppet dress of 2009? But the singer definitely set a goal with her "I'm With Madam President" cape at Hillary Clinton's Philadelphia rally Tuesday night. With the final countdown on for the election and tensions higher than high, the majestic, royal blue look is the perfect antidote to low spirits. So for max getting in the game, where can you buy Perry's 'I'm With Madam' President cape dress?

Welp, you can't, and hopefully that's the worst news we all get this week. According to Vogue, Perry's cape dress was a custom creation from Prabal Gurung, thought up in collaboration with Perry's stylist, Karla Welch. Specifically designed for the penultimate event, the cape was a fusion of Hillary's trademark style (see: pants) and Perry's love of powerful looks. The duo's love of artistic activism led them to Gurung — Welch explained that she "reached out to Prabal since we both are very vocal and use our platforms politically for Hillary."

Famous for his creations for Michelle Obama, Gurung is no stranger to the political scene. The trio was aiming for unforgettable on Tuesday night, and emblazoned in white with the glass-shattering phrase, Perry's cape dress is up there in iconic.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The outfit is equally gorgeous from the front, with flowing sleeves, a fitted bodice and a cascading skirt over pants. Personally, I'm getting strong witch-meets-French Revolution vibes from the silhouette — blame Hamilton, Halloween, or a love of nasty women, but it's kind of...everything.

On Instagram, Gurung commented on the look: "As a feminist, the power of female voices makes an impact globally. I have always believed that the world would be a better place with more women in power, more women making decisions. We are truly, actively changing history and that is powerful."

So while Perry's cape dress is sadly un-buyable (and judging from Welch's Instagram, likely headed for careful preservation), if you're feeling the statement, head over to any number of the purveyors selling Nasty Woman merch. It's no cape, but fifty percent of the proceeds from this T-shirt go to Planned Parenthood. And you know what they say about heroes and capes.

Images: Via prabalgurung/Instagram; karlawelchstylist/Instagram.