The 'RHOC' Season 12 Cast Is Up In The Air

Real Housewives Of Orange County is the OG of the Real Housewives franchise. There were times when I thought that the series had seen better days, but this season was so bananas that I can’t stop watching it — Real Housewives Of Orange County is back on top. Now that Season 11 is coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about the future, and the future is Season 12. Who will return for Season 12 of Real Housewives Of Orange County ?

Casting announcements haven’t been made for Season 12, but one way of deducing the returning cast members for a Real Housewives season is to look at the drama of the previous season. The unofficial rules for staying on any franchise of Real Housewives are simple — you have to be glamorous, and you have to be dramatic. If you’re boring and not stirring up any you-know-what, you’re probably not going to get asked back. People baking brownies and not getting in fights is not good television, know what I’m saying? Good marriages, successful purse companies, and paying your bills on time don’t get you into the Real Housewives Hall of Fame that I create in my head after every season is over. Let’s take a look at the current roster of Orange County housewives to determine who will go and who will stay (in my fan opinion).

Vicki Gunvalson

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Vicki is the only original Housewife left on this show, and there’s no way in hell she’s leaving. She’ll let go of this franchise when Andy Cohen pries it out of her hands. One request of mine for Vicki — can we get Brianna on the show? I think she would make an excellent addition to this cast.

My verdict: Stay

Tamra Judge

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Tamra hasn’t been around since the beginning of Orange County, but she’s close enough. She wasn’t involved in the drama as much this season, probably because she was training for her fitness competition and couldn’t drink — people don’t fight when they’re not drunk (at least on Real Housewives). Tamra is in a good place now, especially now that she’s married to Eddie.

My verdict: Stay

Shannon Beador

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Shannon came onto Real Housewives Of Orange County in Season 9. She spent a lot of this season fighting with Kelly Dodd, and even though I am decidedly #TeamShannon in all of their fights, I don’t know how much further Shannon’s journey can go on Real Housewives Of Orange County. Things are calming down in her life, which I fear will make her less interesting to viewers.

My verdict: Go

Kelly Dodd

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And speaking of Kelly Dodd, good lord. Kelly came on as a BFF to Meghan Edmonds, and Kelly did nothing but virulently fight with every other woman on the show. This woman has no filter, and not in a good way — in a Donald Trump-esque way. Full disclosure — I would mute my television sometimes when she was fighting with the women because I couldn’t stand the screaming. She’s also in a marriage that is not so good. I’m torn on whether or not she’ll stay — the other women on the show do not like her, but she creates drama, which is good for ratings. I don’t love her, but I think the producers might. Sigh.

My verdict: Undecided

Meghan King Edmonds

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I loved watching Meghan’s fertility journey throughout this season. There were quite a few touching moments between Meghan and Heather, and I think that because Meghan is so much younger than the rest of the Housewives, we’re getting to watch her grow up a little. Sure, she did bring Kelly into the group, but nobody’s perfect (and she would tell her friend when she was going off the grid). I like Meghan, and I want to see her more. That said, she’s just not all that interesting for viewers. There’s no real drama there.

My verdict: Go (but I want her to Stay)

Heather Dubrow

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Heather is probably my favorite of the Orange County crew. She always has a zinger, and she really doesn’t get caught up in the crap of the other women. That being said, I hate watching the edits that show the tension in her marriage with Terry — they are both juggling successful television shows, but why is she the one who becomes the single parent, huh, Terry? Why don’t you step in? One of the behind-the-scenes specials on Real Housewives Of Orange County said that Heather was not into the show at first anyway, so I have a feeling she’ll bow out soon for the sake of her family.

My verdict: Go

Who will stay and who will go on Real Housewives Of Orange County? We’ll just have to stay close to Bravo news to find out.

Images: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo