10 Fictional Places To Move To If Trump Wins

Election Day is finally here, and we're dangerously close to a Donald Trump presidency — a prospect that has many voters "jokingly" suggesting moves to Canada. The real-world is filled with amazing places that I'd be overjoyed to live in, but, as a life-long book nerd, I've always wanted to escape to a fictional place from books.

Here are some fictional places to consider as alternatives to Donald Trump's America. These are places that boast beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and quite a lot of magic. While most of these destinations you can't find a flight deal for (unless you count fairy dust), they'd be a fantastic retreat from the madness that has taken hold of our country.

Of course, you can always pop over to these locations by visiting your local bookstore or library. The magic of reading means travel for nothing. But wouldn't it be great if we could pack our bags, walk out our door, and immigrate over to Middle Earth?

So, as you plan your back-up plan for this election, consider these fantastic places. And, obviously before you go, make sure to vote!

1. Narnia

Although it's in the midst of its own political troubles, Narnia's picturesque landscapes and friendly citizens will wow you. Travel here may be difficult to come by (after all, magical wardrobes aren't available on Amazon Prime), but once you're here you'll never want to leave.

2. The Shire

Even when the world is in the darkest of times, The Shire is always full of life and happiness. It should be easy enough to find a hobbit hole for rent, and there's plenty of food and ale to go around. The only danger is those rotten Sackville-Bagginses, the greedy brutes!

3. Winding Circle Temple

From Tamora Pierce's The Magic Circle series, what could be a better retreat than a temple by the sea? With plenty of housing and a history of accepting outsiders, Winding Circle has every amenity, from gardens to a blacksmith. Some of the dedicates (i.e. Rosethorn) might grumble a little bit, but you'll surely be taken in.

4. Hogwarts

OK, I guess technically you'd still be in the same world as Donald Trump. But with all its magical protection, there really could be no safer place than Hogwarts. Plus, since electronics don't work around magic, at least you're home-free from his tweets.

5. Rivendell

Maybe it's cheating to have two Middle Earth locations on here, but you can't deny that the elves know how to make a home! With lavish accommodations, beautiful scenery, and nightly music, you'll be able to find peace here.

6. Ankh-Morpork

If you're a city lover like me, hop on over to Terry Pratchett's Discworld, and specifically the city of Ankh-Morpork. A bustling, chaotic city, filled with species and vagrants of all kinds, everyone has their place here. What's not to love about a city that has a guild for everything, including assassins and thieves? Don't worry about government, the Patrician takes care of all of that.

7. Neverland

Talk about health benefits, moving here means you'll never age! Though there is a bit of a pirate problem, you can't deny the beauty of Neverland's gorgeous jungles. Plus, it's easy as pie to get there, you just need a little fairy dust.

8. Dorne

That's right, I'm so scared of a Trump presidency that I think the world of A Song of Ice And Fire would be a less stressful place to live. There may be a lot of sand in Dorne, but it's the perfect place to work up a tan! With some separation from the main fighting in Westeros, and a heat to rival even the biggest winter, Dorne is a prime location in the Seven Kingdoms. A big plus: Dorne is also well known for their delicious wine.

9. Faerie

The magical kingdom from Neil Gaiman's Stardust , Faerie lies just on the other side of the the wall of the town of Wall. With plenty of wide open landscapes, Faerie is breathtaking to behold. The kingdom has all kinds of fun activities, from shopping at the Fairie Market to fishing for lightning to hunting down your relatives on a quest for power. Plus, Faerie boasts a flourishing witch community that always makes life a bit more interesting. (Bonus: it's the perfect place to fall in love!)

10. The Kingdom of Wisdom

The country in The Phantom Tollbooth in which words and letters come to life AKA every book nerd's dream. The perfect place to take a road trip, Wisdom has it all, whether you're basking in the comforts of Expectations, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of Dictionopolis, or relaxing on the Island of Conclusions. Steer clear of the Doldroms and the Mountains of Ignorance; we've gotten enough of that kind of thing in this election cycle.

Images: New Line Cinema (2); Warner Bros. Pictures