Frank Body's New Kit Is Full Of Skincare Goodies

It's not every day that coffee lovers find themselves working with coffee-based beauty, but that's exactly how the Frank Body brand skyrocketed to popularity. Now, Frank Body's Babe Island Kit shows that the brand is branching out beyond their incredible range of coffee-based skincare goods and giving fans all the tools they need to combat the dreaded, but inevitable cold weather dryness and flakes. While you may assume that a kit entitled Babe Island may not contain the signature coffee ingredients of Frank's Body, this kit may just surprise you, because it's everything you've ever needed all in one set. Trust me.

Inside the Frank Body Babe Island Kit, you'll find the company's signature Coconut Coffee Scrub along with a brand new product from Frank's Body — the Coconut Body Balm. These two incredible products are all you'll need to feel like you're on a warm, sunny island in the middle of winter's harsh, skin-damaging cold. With the new coconut body balm, you're not just getting a moisture-filled balm for skin, though, you're getting a multi-purpose product great for many things.

The Babe Island Kit (containing the Coconut Body Balm & Coconut Coffee Scrub), $39.95

While the inclusion of the Coconut Coffee Scrub in the Babe Island Kit is exciting, the versatility of the Coconut Body Balm is nearly unbeatable. Not only can it be used a way to restore moisture to your dry skin but it also acts as a way to moisturize damaged ends of hair or as a highlighter. It's seriously multi-purpose.

Frank Body Coconut Body Balm, $24.95

Couple the balm with the coffee scrub, and you're got a kit that's practically unbeatable. With the coffee scrub, you're able to perfect exfoliate and then moisturize with the palm.

The brand does keep its signature coffee ingredients consistent with the kit as well. While the coffee scrub is obviously true to brand, the coconut balm also contains Arabica coffee seed oil which assists in the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Basically, you'll need to get the Frank Body Babe Island Kit while the getting is good. At just $39.95. it's basically a steal. Plus, who doesn't want to be an island babe in the middle of winter?

To purchase the Babe Island Kit, the Coconut Body Balm, or any of Frank Body's products, head over to their website here.

Images: Courtesy of Frank Body