‘Wonder Years’ Co-stars Fred Savage & Josh Saviano Reunite & The Pics Do Not Sing Out Of Tune — PHOTOS

Well, would you look at who remained friends all these (wonder) years later: As The Hollywood Reporter points out, The Wonder Years co-stars Fred Savage and Josh Saviano went to a New York Rangers game together on Sunday. I repeat: Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer are still pals. Hockey game-attending, jumbotron-loving pals. If my heart was made out of, I don't know, hockey rink ice or something, this Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer hangout session would most certainly melt it into a boiling puddle. The Zamboni would really have its cut out for it.

Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer, er, Fred Savage and Josh Saviano not only ended up on the Madison Square Garden jumbotron, but they also were given the opportunity to mosey on down onto the ice and plop down underneath one of the nets. And Kevin and Paul, er, Savage and Saviano snapped some photos throughout the evening. And Kevin and Paul, er, Savage and Saviano shared said photos with the internet

Ready to see Savage and Saviano hanging out 23 years after The Wonder Years series finale aired? If you listen to and look at these pictures hard enough, you can hear narration by Marv Merchants. 

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Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer are still buddies, we all get by with a little help from our friends, live sporting events are a blast, I could really go for a concession stand churro right now, etcetera.

Image: ABC

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