How To Buy Kendall Jenner's "Vote" Tank Because Celebrating Your Rights Is In Style Every Day — PHOTO

You need to know your rights. The right to vote is precious and gaining that right was a hard-fought battle for many, yet several of us take it for granted. That's why Election Day-themed fashions, like Kendall Jenner's "Vote" tank, which she posted on her Twitter and Instagram, are so powerful. Yes, it's an impactful fashion statement to make via a social media post on Election Day. But it also reminds us to know all of our rights, all of the time! How can you snag the supermodel's simple but effective cropped tank, with the word "Vote" spelled out across her chest in blue block letters, which she paired with flag-enhanced blue jeans?

While an exact replica of Jenner's tank proved elusive, meaning it could be a custom piece for this shoot, there are plenty of other "Vote" tees out there that you can purchase and wear beyond Election Day. Jenner's outfit mixed her signature style move — the crop top — with an American classic in the form of jeans. Therefore, her ensemble was way more symbolic than it would seem at first.

Have a look at Jenner's tiny "Vote" tank, which didn't need a lot of embellishment to make its point, and then I will present you with other shopping options.

Jenner slayed the tank and also appeared to throw some support behind Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton with her caption.

Rock the Vote Racer Tank, $21,

This tank features a sprinkling of stars and longer length, but it's equally as cute and powerful.

Vote Ladies Crop Top, $13.99,

You can grab this fitted baby tank on Etsy, showing your pride while supporting an independent business.

#Vote Women's Hashtag Top, $24.79,

You could totally hack up this tank and make it cropped. It's simple and modern, for sure.

Those are some simple options for copying Kendall Jenner's "Vote" tank.

Images: Courtesy of Brands (3)