Lena Dunham’s Hillary Clinton Socks Are The Ruby Slippers Of Election Day

You know that part in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy realizes she's had the power to get back to Kansas the entire time? All she needs to do is click her heels together three times in those ruby slippers and repeat, "There's no place like home." Well, Lena Dunham's Instagram post of her Hillary Clinton socks is serving as a modern, Election Day retelling of that classic, and her caption has everything to do with it. Dunham chose to add the simple phrase, "I believe" to the photo of her feet, clad in star-spangled blue and red socks, featuring our pantsuited Democratic nominee and potential future president. It really drove home the point that on Tuesday, our country's collective fate is in our own hands.

Just like Dorothy, as a nation, we have had the power all along to choose our future president, and it's as simple as going to a polling place and making your voice heard. Sure, a little more effort is involved than just clicking your heels together, but honestly not too much. This is a time for optimism, activism, and adorable socks, so it's great to see the Girls star repping all three with her fashion choice. Dunham has been a vocal proponent of Clinton from the beginning, and her enthusiastic belief is just the boost I needed to get across the finish line. Take a look at these beauties, and marvel at the world you're living in.

I don't know about you — and I won't ask, don't worry — but I already cast my vote this morning for the potential first female president, so all I have left to do is bask in the inspirational posts from so many celebrities like Dunham, bite my nails for a couple hours after the polls close, and find a link to buy a pair of these amazing socks for my very own feminist self. The future is female, and so are my little feetsies.