Amy Schumer Has An Unorthodox Voting Argument


Let's face it: It feels like every major celebrity has appeared or starred in a voting PSA. Often, they feature dramatic images of big groups of famous people looking directly into the camera and stressing the importance of goddamn voting already. My two favorites this year were Daveed Diggs breaking down the issues at stake and Rachel Bloom encouraging turnout with "Holy Sh*t You've Got to Vote," but Amy Schumer's recent addition to the genre might be the most memorable. See, Amy Schumer wants you to vote, but she has a completely different argument for why you should: if you don't, the Internet will come for you.

In the PSA, Schumer reminds viewers that voting history is a matter of public record:

It doesn't say who you voted for, but it says if you voted at all. Anyone who knows you can just look that sh*t up. Uh-oh!

She warns people that their friends and anyone they meet in the future can easily see whether they participated in the election (though, again, to clarify — who you voted for is not public record) and reminds viewers that the Internet could judge them for not voting... forever. And who has time for that?

Of course, Schumer also has some ideas about who you should vote for. "I hope the people don't blame you if an orange, sexually-assaulting Godzilla is f*cking up the entire planet a year or so from now," she says, referring to the sexual assault allegations leveled against Trump, which he has denied in full. Schumer's dislike of Trump, like many celebrities', has been well-established for months. She vehemently criticized him during recent stand-up sets, most infamously in Tampa, where many Trump supporters walked out.

However, Schumer isn't just anti-Trump. She has been an active supporter of Hillary Clinton since the Democratic primaries, despite criticism from fans who supported Bernie Sanders. She recently told the BBC that she hasn't spoken with any articulate Clinton critics, saying that people who latch onto the controversy surrounding Clinton's private email server are ignoring bigger issues relating to Trump. Most recently, she posted an Instagram with Clinton supporters Lena Dunham, Amber Tamblyn, and America Ferrera captioned "nasty woman crew."

Schumer is no stranger to controversy, and she is certainly no stranger to being criticized in the public eye, which perhaps makes her uniquely empathetic to Clinton's experiences. At any rate, Schumer has made it clear that she believes that this election is extremely important — and that if you don't vote, people will call you out for the rest of your life.