Daveed Diggs' Powerful Voting Rap Expertly Highlights Why This Is The One Shot No Voter Should Throw Away — VIDEO

Celebrities are coming out in full force to invigorate all Americans to get to the polls ASAP. Of particular note is Daveed Diggs, who reminded us about the importance of voting through rap. Making an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon handed Diggs a microphone and asked if he could roll out a little ditty on the necessity of voting. Diggs gamely took the mic, urged Black Thought from The Roots (Fallon's house band) to join him, and proceeded to deliver some serious truths.

Diggs is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton and was more than ready to spit a few bars about why it is so crucial to vote. To quote Hamilton, Diggs urged us to not waste our one shot when it comes to voting, especially because the right to vote has not always been a luxury for all men and women. He opens up his verse: "Not to make everything a matter of life and death / I wouldn't say anything, I don't like to waste my breath / The pendulum swings slow whether you're right or left." From there, both he and Black Thought rapped dense, intelligent, and deeply real lyrics about why we all must vote in this election.

Spurred on by Black Thought, Diggs reminded us of our recent but very relevant history:

The right to vote ain't always been given to every citizen

Not until 1920 did it include any women

And not until 1965 if you exhibit melanin

And even now, they try to stop us when they telling us lies about deadlines

And who can and who can’t and all this voter registration miseducation

I’d be damned if after all that blood and fighting for the right to be counted

I don’t get out my bed and fill out that ballot

It's a truly inspiring and succinct rap, to be sure. Diggs — ostensibly well-versed (no pun intended, but hey, why not?) in the importance of understanding one's history — made the most of his public platform to remind everyone that they have a chance to once again steer the course of history.

While many have gone before us to fight for the rights that Americans enjoy and cherish today, it's Diggs' rap that illustrates why we must do our part to make sure history properly reflects what we're fighting for today. It's our one shot; how history remembers our participation in this election is up to us.

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