Clinton Supporters Are Wearing Pantsuits To The Polls In A Stylish Show Of Solidarity

We are living in a pantsuit world and I am a pantsuit girl. And so are over 2 million other Hillary Clinton supporters, of all genders, who came together on Facebook in a "secret" Pantsuit Nation Facebook group dedicated to showing their support for the fist woman POTUS by rocking her iconic powersuit style. In just over two weeks, the invite-only Pantsuit Nation group went from an idea to get a few Hillary supporters to wear suits to the polls to an exploding online phenomenon. It started out as pantsuits, but it has become so much more. People are finding a sense of community and a safe space to share their pride and excitement about being a part of history. I mean, HERstory.

What's even more powerful? The group has become a living, breathing document of thousands of unique stories. Woman are rocking their pantsuits, sure, but they're talking about what brought them to the polls, sharing news about their polling spots, taking proud photos with theyr families at voting locations, and offering an interactive peek into an incredibly diverse (and powerful!) group of voting Amreicans. If I wasn't already an emotional wreck, Pantsuit Nation and the stories of women's lives that it contains, would have me a proud, weeping mess. You go, pantsuit-wearing people of Facebook! You go all the way to the White House!

People are speaking out about important issues, like access to safe, clean water.

They're repping their families and their heritage.

They're making Suffagette Style a thing.

They're fighting back against rape culture.

They're representing for the marginalized.

They got nasty, in a good (and adorable) way.

They got all dressed up even if they didn't have anywhere to go (thanks to early voting).

They did it for their children.

They took their babies with them in pantsuits!

They stood with multiple generations of women.

They gave us a serious case of print envy!

They rocked it for the moms.

They topped it off with a tie (which looks awesome, btw).

They showed up in vintage.

And each one is a rock star! Be proud!

Images: Courtesy Qiana Townes, MJ Bernard, Jazmin Flores-Galan‎, Juliet Feibel‎, Andrea Katz, Angela Zippin, Ingrid Martinez Sanchez, Tanika Davis, Hailey Gallant Rice, Amber Haney, Sarah Jane Savage