13 Photos Of Long Lines Outside Polling Places

It's all over the airwaves, and now there's photo evidence to back it up — everybody is out rocking the vote today. And these actual photos of long lines outside polling places are proof that it's really happening. Voter turnout in the U.S. may not be the highest, in the world, but these long lines might give you hope that there's something in the air this election. Maybe this fiery rhetoric that the candidates have put us through has actually accomplished something, and now more people will head to the polls to make sure their voices are heard.

Of course, there's also a downside to these long lines. Voting should be an easy thing to do, so that the most people possible will do it. Long lines at polling places can act as evidence that there simply aren't enough polling places to handle everyone voting, and there's nothing inspiring about that. However, with all of the talk about voter suppression this election, things could be changing for the better. And even just seeing people out exercising their right as American citizens is heartening. If you still haven't voted and it's cold outside where you are, just make sure you wear a jacket.

1. A School Doing Double Duty

Not the greatest photograph of all time, but you get the gist.

2. Neighborhoods Overflowing

Hopefully this guy was just talking to the wrong people.

3. At Least There's A System Here Somewhere

I can't say it's obvious from the picture, but I'm sure there are volunteers for that.

4. These Lucky People Get To Wait Inside

The people from two photos before would probably be jealous.

5. Is There Even A Beginning Or An End Here?

These people are seriously motivated.

6. Snaking. Literally Snaking Around The Parking Lot.

Maybe at least the dog was enjoying the wait.

7. Not Surprising That This Would Happen In North Carolina

Don't let voter suppression efforts win.

8. You Can Practically See It From Space

I mean, almost.

9. The Parasol Was A Great Call

We should all be so forward thinking.

10. The Palm Trees Are At Least Nice Scenery

Or is that a stretch for a reason to be happy about waiting for so long?

11. Multi-Tasking At The Mall

Window shop while you're waiting, then buy after you've cast your vote.

12. Stretching Off Into The Sunset ...

This almost makes it look romantic, like an old Western.

13. Don't Be Worried If You Can't See The End

It will come. Don't worry, it will come. And you will vote.

And after you vote, you can take a deep breath, relax, and feel empowered. You've participated in democracy, and that is always something to be proud of. And if you waited in a long line like this, maybe you got some fresh air and got to stretch your legs as well. Look on the bright side — at least this means that the election is finally, finally ending.