Who Is Stevie Wonder Voting For? Donald Trump Is Not Looking Like The One

Hillary Clinton's had a lot of star power behind her during her campaign, from Beyonce to The Boss. Now, you can add Stevie Wonder to the list. In an interview with Philly.com, Wonder made it clear why he wants to side with Clinton and not her opponent Donald Trump.

Speaking with a music critic in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Wonder rhetorically asked, comparing himself to the Republican nominee, "I’ll give you a point of reference ... if you had an emergency situation and needed to go to the hospital, and you had to get there right away, would you want me driving your car? ... Because I’m not an experienced driver, right?"

Well, I'm not sure "experience" is the best way to tie up that analogy, but you get where he's going. Trump isn't the best person to put behind the wheel, because odds are high that we'd crash and burn — quickly. Instead, as Wonder explained, he's in favor of the leader with a more unifying vision:

I think, when I travel and I talk to people and they say, ‘How are you having someone who talks about people who are Muslims, or talks about Latinos, or talks about people’s looks?' I mean, c’mon! This is not a reality show. This is life in reality. So I’m with her because I believe in where we are, and where we are going to go. I have always believed that America is great. We’re just going to make it greater.
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At Clinton's final campaign rally on Monday night, another music legend, Bruce Springsteen, echoed that sentiment and made a plea to voters to be on the right side of history and to choose unity rather than the divisive candidate:

This is a man whose vision is limited to little beyond himself, who has the profound lack of decency that would allow him to prioritize his own interests and ego before American democracy itself ... Somebody who would be willing to damage our long-cherished and admired system rather than look to himself for the reasons behind his own epic failure. And that's unforgivable. Tomorrow, those ideas and that campaign is going down.

And as both musicians said in their separate ways, it's not just that Trump is a terrible choice, it's that Clinton is a worthy, experienced choice — more experienced than anyone ever, according to her potential predecessor, who would know a thing or two about holding the office.