Gina Rodriguez's Voting Pic Has A Good Reminder

It's Election Day 2016, and if you thought things would finally calm down, you were very wrong. On the brisk morning of Nov. 8 in New York City, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was booed at his local polling place. Several people present at the scene shared videos of Trump being booed at P.S. 59, but actor Gina Rodriguez seemingly responded to the booing voters by reminding her followers about what really matters on this day: going out and actually voting. While Rodriguez's comment came soon after news circulated that voters were booing Trump, it was also was a nod to President Obama's expert handling of a Trump protestor at a Hillary Clinton's rally in North Carolina, during which he told the crowd, "Don't boo, vote!"

I want to assume that everyone present at the Trump scene had already voted, which would explain why they had all that extra time to wait for the candidate and spend time booing time. The issue I have with this is that today is not the day to continue spreading negativity, because what matters now is the action we can do as citizens. This is why Rodriguez has it right on the money with the message she shared along with her "I voted" sticker selfie on social media.

As is the case with many presidential election cycles, negativity often detracts from the real issues that should be seen by the American people. At this point, I think many Americans have had enough of this sort of attitude and today is the day everyone should only be focusing on the candidate they believe will protect and serve every citizen in this country. It only makes sense to make it count with some action and go out cast your vote accordingly.