Lady Gaga's Suffragette Outfit Is Wild

American women have had the right to vote for less than 100 years, but that doesn't mean our votes count any less at the polls. This is something we're reminded of thanks to Lady Gaga's suffragette outfit — rocking puff sleeves, a full skirt mimicking the shape and style of a petticoat, and a feathered hat with a "VOTE" button attached to its side, her look has some seriously feminist vibes.

"The singer strutted through Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, wearing an outfit that borrows from suffragette-style of the early 1900s. She shared a GIF of the extravagant dress on Twitter — featuring a giant 'vote' button in case the message wasn't clear," Mashable reported. Lady Gaga has always used fashion to get a message across — whether it was political or just testing the boundaries of society's approval — so it's in character that she'd use her clothes to make a statement during such a monumental election cycle.

This year is the first year a woman has been nominated by the DNC to run for president, so Lady Gaga's message is clear: Women, rally. The suffragettes gave us the privilege to cast our ballots, so it's up to us now not to waste their efforts.

"I've been traveling the world. Our election is an international issue," she tweeted. "If 'he' wins we will be in a weak position globally."

The dress itself is a white and pink frock (the white tipping its hat towards the suffragettes, again,) but if there were any more question regarding if this look was an issue of feminism and the women's right to vote, then the back of her dress would shed some light.

"Viewed from the front, Gaga’s look appeared to consist of a cropped, ruffled top and a floor-grazing, sheer skirt. But viewed from the back, Gaga’s outfit had what appears to be the corresponding corset loosely dangling from the skirt," The Cut reported.

An image appeared on Snapchat of her wearing the look, with the caption "Corsets off ladies!!!!”

Lady Gaga is also trying to not only mobilize women to hit the voting booths, but also millennials. Historically, young people have low voter turn out, but they can immensely influence the elections. In fact, millennials make up a whopping 31 percent of the overall electorate, making them as large of a political force as baby boomers. In other words, the millennial vote can change the outcome of the elections.

"Young people listen up," Lady Gaga wrote in her caption. "We need to mobilize now, #VoteHillary and stop this dangerous man from continuing to divide and wreck our democracy."

She didn't wear a white pantsuit or red Madam President nail polish, but Lady Gaga still made a political statement with her look today.