Emilia Clarke’s Hillary Clinton Khaleesi Photo Will Give You The Strength To Get Through Election Day

We still don't know who will sit on the Iron Throne on Game of Thrones when the show finally ends its run on HBO, but after Tuesday night, we will know who we can call the 45th President of the United States. And along with the rest of the world, Hollywood has been out in full force this Election Day, reminding fans to vote and showing where they stand in this important election. Unsurprisingly, Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke stands with Hillary Clinton, another strong, female leader.

Though Clarke was born in London and isn't an American citizen who can vote in the election, it's not surprising that the woman behind Daenerys Targaryen stands with the potential first female President. The character has become an icon in her own right as a strong woman vying for an important title, as audiences have watched Dany transition from a shy young woman to a leader and mother of dragons.

Clarke shared the below Instagram photo of Hillary Clinton as the "mother of dragons." The photo was previously posted by Jessica Chastain after the first presidential debate and Clinton as Khaleesi is a popular meme, but if anyone has the right to post it today, it's Dany herself.

If you need some Dany-level strength to survive the final hours of this election, here are some of Khaleesi's most powerful moments.

Down With The Patriarchy

After being introduced as a timid girl who was bullied by her older brother, it was gratifying to see Viserys get what he deserved as Dany became a Khaleesi. Don't underestimate the quiet ones.

A Meal Fit For A Queen

Come on, you can't say that you weren't impressed by the fact Dany ate an entire raw horse heart to prove her unborn child would be born male, the way Dothraki preferred. Talk about resistance and taking risks.

Mother of Dragons

Who could forget the iconic moment when Dany literally rose out of the flames with her newly hatched baby dragons at her side? As her subjects bowed in approval, she took her first steps to ruling the world.

Do You Speak Valyrian?

In addition to being intelligent, Dany can be cunning. She faked needing a translator the entire time she was in Slaver's Bay. When she finally revealed that she could speak the language the whole time, it proved that she could outwit an entire colony of people who underestimated her — a true moment of power.

This Girl Is On Fire

Remember when Dany set the Dothraki Temple on fire? That wasn't just to prove she could be powerful without the aid of her dragons. That was her telling the world, "watch out. I'm coming for the throne."

Clearly, Dany has proven her strength on Game of Thrones, and Clinton has done the same throughout her campaign. The question is, if Clinton does win, will she bring dragons to the White House?

Images: HBO; Giphy (5)