Yes, Election Day-Themed Makeup Tutorials Exist

Voters are really taking election style to the next level this year. There are sassy pins, outrageous T-shirts, movements to wear white and pantsuits, election nail art, and even patriotic election 2016 makeup tutorials to help add a splash of personal style to the democratic process. I shouldn't be surprised. Millennials don't do anything in a boring way, and they especially don't create history without putting their own stamp on things.

Self-expression isn't the only force driving election day makeup. I thought I was the only one looking for some tips on how to cover up my dark circles after a long night of no sleep, but the need for a little fresh faced makeup magic after some Voters Eve tossing and turning is apparently a thing. I feel such solidarity.

Whether your goal is to look presidential, to hide your sleeplessness, or to carry the election theme into all things today, these election 2016 makeup tutorials got your back. Well, technically, they got your face. But you know what I mean. And remember, even if you just roll out of bed and stumble to the polls in your adult unicorn onesie pajamas, all that really matters is that you vote.

1. Blending Like The Melting Pot We Are

You totally need your eyebrows to look the glorious peaks of the Appalachian Mountains.

2. Fresh Faces From Sea To Shining Sea

This one's for those of you who want to nail your "I Voted" selfies.

3. They Eyes Have It

Red, white, and blue that kind of blew me away, tbh.

4. Stars And Stripes. And Wings

That red lip, tho.

5. Cut Creases On The Ballot

They have my vote. Also, glitter brows!

6. When They Go Low, We Go High (Style)

7. Getting Your Trump On

I don't really know why you would want to do this, but hey, to each their own.

8. Electoral College Collage

You have spirit. You like to educate. You like to keep track of the election with your face! Do your thing! Be extra.

9. Nail Art For Good Measure

Because YAS.

I love America. Do your makeup, or don't, and go vote!

Images: Jessica Flores/YouTube