Kelly Clarkson’s Election Day Tweet Trolls Her ‘American Idol’ Season 1 Runner-Up So Hard

As all of us make our way through Election Day 2016, it's crucial that we leave a little room for levity. It would appear that Kelly Clarkson is finding humor in the election by reminding fans, very cleverly, who she thinks should win. Clarkson took a moment to relive her win on American Idol by retweeting a picture of her at the moment of victory; in doing so, she also made an adorably hilarious comment on how people should vote today. With confetti raining down on Clarkson in her moment of American Idol glory and her former competitor, Justin Guarini, in the background, she got to both rib Guarini and low-key champion Hillary Clinton with this one perfect election tweet. Be still, my beating heart. This is election 2016 Twitter at its finest.

Clarkson was not only the first winner of American Idol back in 2002, but she was also the first woman to win. It's a fitting parallel to draw, then, between the historic first season of American Idol and the 2016 election. Clinton — like Clarkson to a certain extent — is trailblazing into unknown territory. Both women were the first to make history in their respective fields (Clarkson winning American Idol, Clinton securing the Democratic presidential nomination). They competed against men to secure a major win. And depending on who you ask, both are incredibly qualified for the positions they hold and want to hold, respectively. While the stakes for Clarkson's win on American Idol were considerably lower than Clinton's are, to be reminded of this major television moment is a fun way to put this election in perspective.

Clarkson's tweet encapsulates why it's important to find humor on this historical day. This election season has been so fraught with tension and division. We've seen families at odds with one another over who to vote for, wars of words fought on social media, and people left worried for the future. It's nice to be able to take a moment to release some of the tension with a bit of frivolous humor. Clarkson's jokiness around the election should be seen as a way to lighten the mood and find a silver lining on Election Day 2016.