Where Is Susan B. Anthony's Grave?


Since early October, people have been heading straight to Susan B. Anthony's grave, who was a pioneer for women's suffrage, in order to pay respects, in light of this election season's exciting step for women in politics. By making a trip to Susan B. Anthony's grave, you may be inspired to partake in the celebrations by decorating her tombstone with stickers and other patriotic materials. Anthony died in 1906, 14 years before women had gained the right to vote. If you're into showing your emotional and spiritual side for this year's election when casting your vote, and if you're team Hillary, a visit to Susan B. Anthony could make this momentous time in history even more special and personal.

So where can you find this cemetery? Located in Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, New York, Susan B. Anthony's gravesite is open to visitors until 9 p.m. this evening, when it typically closes off to the public at 5:30 p.m. Here's a moving video of Susan B. Anthony's gravesite (Warning: it might bring on the waterworks).

The level of design and respect people are giving is remarkable. There are photos of people waiting for hours to visit the gravesite, and twitter has been blowing up with people's responses to visiting Susan B. Anthony's site and having that emotional ride. Between tears, hugs, and other forms of expression, it's without a doubt that this election marks a truly exciting time in history that will be remembered forever. By connecting to the past, it makes the present and future so much more promising and enjoyable.

Additionally, here are some people's reactions:

The artwork is really incredible.

Inspired yet? Take advantage of the extended time period whereby the gravesite is open to all, and head to Rochester if you can to share in this amazing, intimate, experience. Too far away? Stay up to date via social media to partake in the festivities from afar.