These Thanksgiving Memes Are On Point

by Chelsey Grasso

Ever need to be reminded of what the real spirit of Thanksgiving is? If so, then these memes about Thanksgiving will do the trick. They don't shy away from anything, including the common food coma that overtakes most of us post-dinner, as well as what some of the turkeys might be thinking on this day that is... well, all things considered, not always so great for them. All in all, the one thing you'll be sure to get out of each and every one of these silly memes? A good, hearty laugh. And isn't that the spirit of Thanksgiving, really? To give back, give thanks, and be happy?

Thanksgiving will fall on Thursday, Nov. 24 in 2016, so make sure you mark your calendars. While we're at it, want some more free advice? Get over to a grocery store before Wednesday, Nov. 23. You'll avoid long lines, empty shelves, and overcrowded aisles if you do. After all, who wants to spend Thanksgiving feeling bitter because your neighbor got the last turkey? I know I don't.

To help lighten the mood once anxiety has settled in over the Thanksgiving Day meal and all the preparations that go into it, take a moment, take a breath, and take a scroll through these hilarious Turkey Day memes. Shouldn't every holiday be spent smiling?

Perhaps better than the original.

He's got a great point.

As are the "I'm thankful for..." status updates.

You have to admit, it's kind of weird when you think about it.

I hate to be the one to tell you, turkey...

Not by these guys, anyhow.

This meme is Thanksgiving in a nutshell.

I don't know what she was thinking.

Fair enough.

How about both?

Let's face it, it's impossible to stop once you start.

Images: Mikkel Bergmann/Unsplash; MemeCenter (11)