This 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Failed Big Time, Just Like These 7 Game Show Contestants

I give game show contestants a whole lot of credit. It isn't easy being put on the spot in front of a live television audience. It's no wonder that, sometimes, people slip up and call out answers that seem, well, kind of idiotic. Like Thursday's Jeopardy! player, for example. The question that messed him up probably wouldn't have had he had more than five seconds to think it through. The board stated, "100+ assists in the NHL has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 times by this player." Of course, I know absolutely nothing about hockey, so this question wasn't exactly super easy to me, either. Despite all that, even I was aware that the answer to this Jeopardy question was definitely not "Who is Magic Johnson?" (For the record, it was "Who is Wayne Gretzky?")

Sure, it must have been horrible realizing that you just answered an NHL question with a NBA player, but it's not even half as bad as some other wacky game show answers. At least in this case the mixup was only over which sport the answer was pertaining to. With some other game show contestants, you really have to wonder how they got on the show in the first place. Here's the video of the most recent Jeopardy fail... and seven more that shows he is certainly not alone.

Pensblog Staff on YouTube

One and done...

Nothing is worse than hearing someone call out "final answer — oh wait!" Poor kid. He really should have gotten some sleep.

Josh Carter on YouTube

Now starring Gary Busey as Ice-T.

Not quite sure where this one came from, but we're pretty sure it's very, very wrong.

Jayyuimp on YouTube

That awkward moment when...

Err, we cringe FOR this woman.


Umm, no, it would never, ever be an 'N.'

Why it's important to always, ALWAYS think before you drop a letter.

Doug Mataconis on YouTube

(Okay, that one might be a parody, but still a valuable lesson.)

Final answer?

Aww, I feel bad for this girl. But hey, at least she got into Harvard, right?

mecha03 on YouTube

To be fair, I'm sure a celebrity has named their kid this.

Or, you know... he could have gone with "Keith."

freestizuff on YouTube

Cats Vs. Dogs

Did anyone even SEE the sequel to Cats Vs. Dogs anyway?

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