12 Pro-Choice Shirts, Buttons, And Stickers

On a week like this one, it is more important than ever to reaffirm your beliefs on policy and human rights. In all likelihood, reproductive rights will be even further under attack in the next couple years, so it is urgent to provide a loud, clear voice on the significance of abortion laws. If you believe in the right to choose and are wondering where to buy pro-choice merchandise to show off your stance, there are so many ways to do so.

Whether you wear your pro choice status on your sleeve (literally, via a shirt) or you flaunt a beautiful button that sends the message about a person's right to choose, you can show what you believe. In the fact of Donald Trump's America, one that may very well see the biggest attack on abortion rights of our lifetimes, we must come together and be truly devoted towards progressing this cause and maintaining the rights activists before us have worked so hard to attain.

Even more important than standing up for your beliefs: actively supporting organizations that consistently give back to the community and facilitate healthcare for women and LGBTQ folks. Donate to Planned Parenthood, who help provide healthcare to millions each year — they need you more than ever right now, and will continue needing increasing amounts of support in the years to come.

1. Pay Tribute To Progress

Never Again Pro-Choice Shirt, $25, Red Bubble

Things have been bad before, but they don't have to be in the future. Remind the world that forward is the only way to move.

2. Defend Your Local Clinic

Pro-Choice Clinic Defender Shirt, $25, Red Bubble

Now more than ever, support your local clinics.

3. Tell 'Em What They Can Mind

Mind Your Own Uterus Shirt, $17, Amazon

Remember that it's your uterus, your choice — and don't let anyone tell you differently.

4. Support Planned Parenthood's Legacy

One Hundred Years Strong T-Shirt, $15, Planned Parenthood

Show your support for this incredible institution via a beautiful, bold pink tee.

5. Add Pro-Choice Flair To All Your Devices

My Body My Choice Stickers, $3, Red Bubble

Stick these cute banners on your laptop, your phone, your window — wherever you want to show off your feelings.

6. Pro-Choice, Pro-Feline

Pro-Choice Pro-Feminist Pro-Cats Shirt, $18, Amazon

Human rights and cute animals — there's no better combo.

7. Even Your Uterus Can Show Its Feelings

My Uterus My Choice Shirt, $20, Amazon

If any part of your body has the right to be pissed about oppressive laws, it's your uterus.

8. Get Warm While Supporting An Important Cause

1/2 Zip Sport Pullover, $40, Planned Parenthood

Warm, cozy, and supportive of this important cause, this stretchy pullover is perfect for the cold weather.

9. Your Body, Your Right To Choose

My Body My Right My Choice Shirt, $15, Amazon

This important message combined with the symbol for feminism is an incredible way to show your support for the cause.

10. Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies

Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies, $38, Red Bubble

The most important message here: your body is your own. Laws shouldn't be able to dictate the decisions for your own health.

11. Remind Them Whose Decision It Really Is

It's Not Your Body Sticker, $5, Cafe Press

Display this in your windows, in your car, wherever makes sense to flaunt this important message.

12. Pop This Pro-Choice Button On Your Jacket

Proud Pro Choice, $4, Zazzle

If you just want a subtle display of your support, pick this cute button and pop it on your favorite denim or leather jacket.

Again, if you value the right to choose and what to know how to best support it, check out our guide to solid reproductive organizations you can donate to. Or, if you can't donate, here's how to volunteer your time at Planned Parenthood. Your efforts can help so many people, and they truly matter.

Images: Red Bubble (4), Amazon (4), Planned Parenthood (2), Cafe Press (1), Zazzle (1).