Inspirational Thanksgiving Memes To Get You Through All The Glorious Turkey Day Madness

If you're planning on cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, then I applaud you, as do a handful of these inspirational Thanksgiving Day memes. As wonderful as Thanksgiving is, sometimes you just need an extra word or two of encouragement to get through the day. Let's face it, cooking a fifteen-pound turkey is no easy task.

While Thanksgiving may be a lot of work (those potatoes aren't going to peel themselves, you know), the payoff is always extraordinary. Aside from having a table filled with good food, many of us often find ourselves surrounded by friends and family on this day of all things turkey. What isn't to love about that? Thanksgiving isn't just about eating (though, let's be real, it's a key player), it's about being thankful for one another and basking in the love of your personal community.

Don't let Thanksgiving stress you out this year, and if you start to feel the weight of the cooking heavy on your shoulders, don't be afraid to ask for help. As for those of you who are Thanksgiving dinner pros, show the rest of us how it's done. Trust me, we need the assistance. Now go get your spirits high and ambition lit with these inspirational Thanksgiving memes.

As was your cooking!

Better safe than sorry.


Just think of all the things you can do with the leftovers!

How the cook for the day likely feels. Just do it.

This meme is everything.

Everyone should have a partner like this.

Where does one find a pair of stretch pants, anyway?

Midnight turkey sandwiches anyone?

Because you are one.

If you're running the show... you're running the show. Period.

Images: Gabriel Garcia Marengo/Unsplash; MemeCenter