These Citizens Just Voted For The First Time

Americans have a tendency to see country's negative attributes while ignoring its positive ones. It's part of the reason that Donald Trump's campaign has been so popular this year: People see the country as broken and in need of repair. However, that perspective can be very, very different if you're from another country. For many immigrants, the United States is a promised land of opportunity and freedom, where people get a real chance to voice their political opinions free from widespread corruption and manipulation, and no day exemplifies that more than Election Day. These new citizens voting for the first time show that voting is a democratic privilege that everyone should be thankful for.

Voting can seem like more of a hassle than an honor to those who take it for granted, but for those who fought long and hard to become citizens of this country, it's one of the most exciting events of the year. No matter who they support, these new citizens should be applauded for their enthusiasm for their civic duty.

It makes sense that these immigrants help reinvigorate the political process, since, after all, this country was built by the spirit and vision of immigrants. There's nothing like the infusion of new excitement and fresh eyes is something that all Americans should be grateful for, so take a minute out of your hectic Election Day to appreciate these new citizens' first time at the polls.

Election Day In Style

Thank You For Your Patriotism!


This Proud Mama

Two Super American Activities

America, Fck Yeah!

Bad Hombres For Her

Cool Hair, Cool Voter

With Her And Her

Educated Voters For The Win

You Go Girl!

Everyone should be so proud of these new citizens and their dedication to the United States. Immigration is not an easy process, but through their hard work and determination, they remind everyone how lucky they are to be a citizen of this great country.