This Donald Trump Cake Says So Much

Donald Trump’s campaign brought in a cake to his election night viewing party in Trump Tower. Nothing weird about that! Also, the cake is a replica of Trump’s head — that’s a little odd, right? No? Well, how about the fact that the expression on the face of the Trump cake is not one of celebration, but of immense sadness and disappointment? Isn’t that strange? Yes, it is. One might even call it inexplicable. Thankfully, it’s provided us with some top-notch Trump cake memes to help take the edge off of this anxiety-inducing day.

It really must be seen to be believed. The general consensus is that it’s horrifying, doesn’t look very much like Trump, and is overall a baffling cake design for what, ostensibly, is intended to be a victory party. To say Cake Trump looks a little glum is an understatement — it looks positively despondent. It bears the look of a man staring into the abyss, fearful of what lies ahead but aware that there’s nothing he can do to prevent it. That could well be an accurate depiction of the Trump campaign’s mindset at this point, but still — aren’t you supposed to at least pretend to be optimistic of your chances on election day?

In any event, Twitter users had a lot to say about the Trump cake.

It Doesn’t Look Like Trump, Part 1

This is an accurate joke. Jon Voight is a Trump supporter.

Peerin' At Melania

This is a reference to a different Trump meme from earlier on election day. Life comes at you fast.

The Eyes Speak The Truth

And it's not a pleasant truth for the Donald.

A Reverse Dorian Gray?

It's true — there's a sympathy in those eyes that flesh-and-blood Trump lacks.

The Obligatory Face-Swap

Why, you ask? Well, why not?

It Doesn't Look Like Trump, Part II

In descending order of resemblance, the cake looks like Ted Koppel, then Voight, then Trump.

Making The Cake Look Dignified

Well, at least more dignified than it looked in real life. Although, of course, this is not a high bar to clear.

So, in short: Don't make your "victory" cake look like a defeat cake. Don't do that.