Read These Funny Tweets If You're Feeling Anxious

The last year has been ... not super great for anyone's peace of mind, and now all of that is reaching a climax here on election night. But to help you keep your cool, here are funny election night tweets and jokes to alleviate your anxiety. Because if you can't trust anywhere else to know what you need in life, there's always the Internet.

This election has dragged on for so long that I almost can't remember a time before it was happening. Children have been conceived, been born, and developed object permanence in the time that we have all been living with the 2016 election. And those children are probably already developing anxiety disorders due to the fact that their entire existence has been spent in a climate that is, to say the least, very tense.

This whole election has been a roller coaster ride that frankly I could have done without. In truth, I think we all could have done without it. And no the moment we've all been anticipating, for better or worse, since last summer is finally upon us — and I can practically feel my blood pressure spiking as we speak.

But whether you're obsessively watching the election coverage on all your screens or are trying to block out any and all updates so that you don't even have to deal with it until it's over, here's some of the funny memes and jokes to help lower your anxiety level.

And People Say God Had Left The Building

We're All Thinking It

As Long As We Can Still Joke, It's Fine

This Meme Just Keeps Getting Better

Trump Is A Joke Even When Voting

This Cake. Just...This Cake

What We're Doing Right Now

Too Real, Guys

We're All In This Together

Sounds Plausible

For Real

Ultimate Life Hack

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