J.K. Rowling Responds To Trump Voters On Twitter & Keeps It Classy AF

Leave it to J.K. Rowling to put a spell on Donald Trump supporters and shut them down with some magically efficacious words. Rowling, author of Harry Potter and purveyor of our magical dreams, just put an end to one unsavory tweet in particular that tried to mock her for not being an American citizen. It all started when Rowling tweeted on Election Day,

One way or another, history will surely be made tonight. Let it be the good kind. Please, please let it be the good kind.

Apparently that wasn't what this Trump supporter wanted to hear, since the account replied to her tweet with an abrasive "F*ck off Limey." The user must have forgotten that Rowling has no problem speaking her mind and replying to those who try to tear her down on Twitter. She replied, "Pure class, these Trump guys." Her point's clear: Sharing a message about making history and making choices doesn't call for such a threatening rebuttal. Regardless of whether or not Rowling's an American citizen, she has a right to care about what's going on in the world.

In October 2016, Rowling explained the concept ever-so eloquently, "When a man this ignorant & easy to manipulate gets within sniffing distance of the nuclear codes, it's everyone's business." Can this author do anything wrong? (No really, I'm asking.)

Rowling has already been outspoken about this election. In her most savage tweet to date, she likened Trump to a worse Voldemort. (Such a burn.) In a response to an article titled "This is why people are calling American businessman, Donald Trump, Lord Voldemort," Rowling wrote, "How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad."

At least if you are going to share your political opinions on social media, take a cue from Rowling. Be smart, or witty, or well thought-out about it. Or just, you know, follow the old adage: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say "F*ck off, Limey" at all. (That's how the saying goes, right?)

If all else fails, at least we have this possible option:

Rowling, out.