Florida Man, The Country Depends On You

Florida man has been getting into a lot of trouble lately. He's been busy making the news quite a bit in recent hours, days, and weeks, compared to the men of other states. But Tuesday's Presidential Election is extremely important and the country is in no small part depending on Florida to go blue. In fact, it's a chance for Florida man to redeem himself. With that, I think all is forgiven, Florida man, if you just vote Hillary Clinton's way.

In case you missed it, Florida man is the guy all the local news headlines refer to — he's the bizarre Floridian who always seems to be getting into something unusual. He's just your average guy, who seems to have a lot of time for strange happenings around the state. For instance, Florida man made the rounds this week. He developed hepatitis from drinking too many energy drinks, he spit on a police officer, he stuffed pizza and cinnamon sticks in his mouth to avoid paying for them, and on Tuesday, he went to the polls and knew his rights after being turned away from his polling location.

Florida is an important swing state in this year's election. Both Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have spent a significant amount of time and energy campaigning in the Sunshine State. As the polls across the state continue to close and the votes begin to roll in, this is Florida man's last chance to redeem himself and swing that state blue.

Early projections suggested that Clinton could win enough electoral votes for an early presidential victory if she won all the states she was projected to win, in addition to Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Ohio, which the New York Times referred to as "competitive states." The presidential race in Florida has been close, and as the numbers continue to come in from the state, Clinton and Trump are running significantly tight races within a single percentage point.

Clinton has the potential to win the election without Florida too. If she loses in the state, Trump would still have to win Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, and Ohio.

Even so, Florida man, if you're out there, we understand you like to get into a lot of wild activities on an average day, and if you're so inclined, you can get back to your busy life tomorrow. We just want you to know, we will consider forgiving you for some of the stuff you've gotten yourself into lately if you just help your state turn blue today.