How Twitter Is Reacting To Florida's Results

Voters are waiting around the United States — not to mention the rest of the world — for the results of the 2016 election, and if Twitter is any indication, the internet isn't taking the anticipation calmly. These Twitter reactions to the Florida vote are a bit histrionic, to say the least, but not without reason.

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, the state was expected to be a swing state, meaning Democrats and Republicans tend to have similar support among voters. Although this election has proven to be hard to predict, Florida has a history of being a swing state, and as a result, virtually everyone is watching Florida's results with a wary eye. After all, the state was infamously instrumental in deciding the 2000 election.

So it's not exactly surprising that people are biting their nails waiting for the results of the Florida polls. To make things worse, early results indicate that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running neck-and-neck in the state, according to NBC News. While waiting for the state's results to be called, Twitter has had exactly zero chill. Allow me to demonstrate below.

No Pressure, But...

Things Are A Little Tense

Aren't We All?

The Answer Is Clear

Seems Pretty Likely

Who Knows?

Expectations Have Been Set

We're All Disappointed

It's A Bit Alarming

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

When In Doubt, Blame Florida

Florida Man Is In The News Again

The Most Accurate Tweet Of All

Your move, Florida. Our hearts can't take much more of this stress.