'The Killing Season' Theme Song Fits The Dark Subject Matter

A&E's new series The Killing Season investigates the Long Island Serial Killer, whose identity remains an unsolved mystery to this day. That sets this particular investigation apart from other true crime series, who usually work backward from who the suspect is and explores how things got to where they are. As such, the theme song for The Killing Season sets the tone for the chilling docuseries.

The song is "Bela Lugosi’s Dead," written and performed by Bauhaus, an English post-punk band. (Lugosi was a film actor best known for starring in horror films in the 1930s, most famously Dracula.) Unsurprisingly, the band and this single were significant in the goth music movement's early days. The song was released in 1979, decades before the Long Island Killer's first known murders, but it is still fitting. While the tune could be considered upbeat, like the filmmakers determined to get to the bottom of these cases, the lyrics and title definitely give the show a spookier edge. If you are not a Bauhaus fan and still trying to place how you know this particular tune, the song has also been used on Saturday Night Live for the sketch series "Goth Talk," as well as episodes of Fringe and American Horror Story: Hotel .

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The Killing Season, in addition to addressing the Long Island Serial Killer, goes on to investigate other missing person cases and serial killers who are still out there. It will shine a light on a nightmarish reality for far too many women who've fallen victim to these horrible killers. A song as foreboding as "Bela Lugosi's Dead" certainly paints that picture with music as well.

Image: A&E 2016