Pinterest Hack Sees Butts, So Many Butts, Flooding The Boards

It wasn't just your run-of-the-mill DIY mason jar crafts and wedding decorations that flooded Pinterest on Thursday. Butt pictures spammed users' Pinterest boards after hackers accessed numerous accounts, according to Tech Crunch, with Pinned weight-loss ads showcasing half-naked women and their newly-toned rear ends.

While spamming isn't new on social media, Pinterest has received its recent fair share of attacks. Earlier this month, the Council of Better Business Bureaus shared a scam alert warning users of emails claiming to be from the website, giving hackers access to accounts. Pinterest is looking into Thursday's incident, according to Business Insider, saying that they began cleaning the site up and placing accounts into safe mode.

You've gotta admit, if someone wanted to maliciously plaster butts all over a social network, Pinterest would be the place to do it — the site boasts more 70 million users. Plus its never-ending scrolling feature takes on a drastic change when filled with booty pics. Hackers make their way into accounts via security holes in third party apps connected to Pinterest (think automatic posts to Facebook or Twitter), the BBB reports. They can also insert malicious code into the "Pin This" buttons on other websites.

Prior to Thursday's butt hack, users were already taking to to Twitter to complain, with some saying their accounts were compromised as early as February.

The BBB suggests keeping accounts butt-free (unless you're into that kind of stuff) by reporting spam to Pinterest, watching your log-ins and linked social media, as well as changing passwords.