Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga! She's Sure Glad She Made It Past 27

It's time for us to sing a loud, echoing "happy birthday" while making art with vomit and wearing our finest coffee filter dresses! Lady Gaga is celebrating that she made it past 27 — you know, that fateful age that often sees pop stars to their tragic ends. Happy 28th birthday Gaga! You made it!

When Gaga kicked off her celebration on Thursday night in New York City, she said that she "made it past 27!" (Woohoo!) Apparently, the thought of entering the macabre and notorious "27 Club," which has taken stars such as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and Janis Joplin, has been vexing her for sometime, as back in November, she told New York based radio station Z100 that she would make it past that foreboding age (and so will all of her fans!). She also mentioned back then that she isn't ready to be a legend... unless the notion of what a legend is is redefined:

I want to change this code in the atmosphere that in order to be remembered, I must die young. In order to be remembered as a legend, I must be dead first [...] This is unhealthy.

The majority of us would likely say that Gaga is one of those stars who is a living legend. Constantly pushing boundaries as an iconic pop star and making a point to connect with her fans, she shouldn't worry about being forgotten. And worst-case scenario? People will at least remember SXSW... or her meat dress.

Happy birthday, Gaga!