Here's How Michigan's Electoral Votes Work

When counting the polls tonight, it all comes down to who is getting the most electoral votes. States are allowed to decide how their electoral college members are distributed. Is Michigan winner takes all in the 2016 presidential election? Here's how it works for the state.

According to, the state does use a “winner take all” policy. This means the candidate who wins the state’s votes will also receive all of their electoral votes. Michigan has 16 electoral votes, and according to the LA Times, the state typically leans towards voting Democratic.

At the time of publication, the NY Times had Hillary Clinton leading in Michigan’s polls 49.8 percent to Donald Trump’s 45 percent with only three percent reporting complete. The publication also reports that Obama won the state by 9.5 percentage points in 2012. The results are not in for the 2016 election, and folks are feeling the frustration of waiting for this process to be over online, but if the nation can just hang in there a little longer, we will soon know who receives all of Michigan’s electoral votes. Either candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the election. Michigan will be a huge win for whichever candidate takes the state.