Snarky Marco Rubio Jokes & Memes Celebrate His Senate Win

While the main event tonight is the presidential election, Marco Rubio stole headlines for a brief moment. Rubio won re-election to his Florida Senate seat, and the victory was called early, after he secured a significant lead over Democratic Challenger Rep. Patrick Murphy. Much was made of the fact that Rubio outperformed Donald Trump in the state, who, at the time of writing, is locked in a very tight race with Hillary Clinton to claim the state's 29 electoral votes. But while Rubio celebrated his victory, the internet wasn't going to let him get away without some jokes at his expense.

To be fair, it is not challenging to make jokes about Rubio. His now-infamous water bottle break in the middle of delivering the Republican response to the State of the Union in 2013 has made him a bit of an easy target. However, even Rubio has made fun of himself for this, joking "I brought my own water bottle" during the second Republican primary debate (it may have landed better if he didn't make it in the context of the California drought). Trump laid into Rubio big time during the GOP Primary, nicknaming him "Little Marco" and taking several swipes at the Florida senator.

Getting Ready for 2020

Rubio has only been a senator for one-term, but he has spent much time focusing on his national profile. In 2012 he was in consideration to be Mitt Romney's vice president, and launched his own bid for president last year. And after his success in this Senate race, many expect he will run again for 2020, drawing criticism that he is only using his office to try to reach the presidency.

What Could Have Been

Many were quick to point out that Rubio outperformed Donald Trump in Florida, a state that is crucial to win in pursuit of the White House. Some used it as an indication that had Rubio been the Republican nominee, Election night would look much different.

Hydration Break

Of course, there had to be a joke about the water. That 2013 State of the Union response is a moment that, no matter how much political success he has, the internet won't let Rubio forget.

Absentee Senator

Campaigning for president takes a lot of room in a schedule, and it shows when it comes to Rubio's attendance record in Senate. In early 2015, he was deemed to have the worst attendance of any sitting senators. He had missed 8 percent of votes since taking office in 2011, and that was even before kicking off his bid for president.