Watch Joss Whedon Apologize (Adorably) To Seoul For The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Mess — VIDEO

Joss Whedon would like you to forgive him for the mess he and his superheroes will soon be making. Because, yes, it will likely be well worth it, but Avengers: Age Of Ultron filming will be interrupting the daily grind of Seoul, South Korea for a little bit, and Whedon's feeling a little bad about that. As a peace offering, though, he's already extended an apology to Seoul and all of its citizens.

For the record: According to polling by MBN, 55.8 percent of Seoul's residents are in support of the filming. It will apparently be an unprecedented level of cooperation between the city and the film, which will be shooting from March 30 until April 12, shutting down the entire Mapo Bridge and some other areas. The filming will reportedly result in about twenty minutes of screen time for the city. As Whedon mentions in the video, "We love this movie, we love your city, and having the two of them together will show the city to the world in a light that I don't think it's been shown, certainly not in America."

He also commiserates with all the commuters and other city residents who will no doubt be frustrated by the inconveniences, because as a Los Angeles resident he knows the feeling of random daily interruptions of gorgeous people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to block off access to your local coffee supply. As a fellow Los Angeles resident I also know that feeling.

Age Of Ultron, out May 1, 2015, has already filmed a bit in London, and will also be making stops in Aosta Valley, Italy and Johannesburg, South Africa.

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